If you have a question which hasn't been answered below, don't hesitate to get in touch to have a chat!

My dog is nervous / high energy / not well trained - does that matter?

Not at all! Along with treats, squeakers, and toys, I also have an endless supply of patience, and that is all we need to get some stunning photos of your pet! I have years of experience (including work in boarding kennels) with many different types of temperaments, and always find what works best for your dog. If you know your dog gets very excitable when going to the park/beach, I recommend that you arrive at the location early to take your dog/s for a walk or play. This will get some energy out, and will make my job easier once it comes time to take photos. If your dog isn’t too flash at sitting and staying, do a little practice with them in the days leading up to the session, and give them lots of nommy treats as a reward!

Does my dog need to be groomed before the session?

If your dog gets groomed regularly, be sure to take this into account when making a time for a session. Would you prefer your dog to be freshly groomed in the photos, or do you like the way they look more once their fur starts to grow back a wee bit? It's up to you! Also - be sure that your dog doesn't have fluff covering their eyes as we want to see them in the photos (unless it is normal for their breed to have otherwise).

What if rain is forecast?

I always keep a close eye on the weather leading up to a session! If bad weather has been forecast for the day of your session, I will be in touch to organise a postponement date if necessary.

Can I order wall art and prints after the session?

Absolutely! I offer a variety of photo prints, canvases, framed prints and more. All at reasonable prices. These will all be available to purchase through your online gallery following the photoshoot.

What can I do with the low resolution digital images?

The low res files are perfect for sharing on social media, but not high enough quality to print from. I offer a wide range of print options after the session, otherwise you are also able to purchase the high res files.

I don't want to let my dog off lead - does that matter?

Not at all! In fact a few of the locations I often do sessions at are strictly on-lead only. If you want to keep your dog on-lead then I can easily edit out the lead in photoshop, and you wouldn't even know it was there!

Do you only photograph dogs?

Nope! I photograph all animals! In the past I have photographed cats, horses, pigs and even a hedgehog.

What locations can I choose from for the shoot?

Have a look at my location guide here. If you had somewhere else in mind let me know.