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You can choose from the following spots for your photoshoot.

I also have a studio with a range of coloured backdrops if you would prefer studio images. It is in Wainui, 15 minutes north of Albany, Auckland.



My favourite location!

The spot that I go to has a beautiful opening very close to where you park. Filled with spectacular trees, long grasses and flowers at certain times of the year. 

Also very quiet. You are welcome to leave your dog on-lead and I can edit it out afterwards.


Muriwai is majestic. I only do evening shoots at Muriwai, partly because that is when it is prettiest, but also because the black sand can get too hot for dog paws during the day! 

This is a great beach for photos if you have a dog that you are comfortable to have off-lead.



The park that has everything!

The domain has a beautiful variety of photo spots, from the open tree-filled park to the Winter Gardens, fernery & duck ponds!

Especially stunning in Spring and Autumn.


My favourite beach (and where I walk my own dogs!) Such a stunning, expansive beach. I love doing photos down by the water, but also up in the grassy dunes with perfect golden light peeking through in the evenings! Not only is the beach gorgeous, but there is a nice little park area for green photos too.

Added bonus of amazing dog friendly eateries nearby so you can make your trip to gorgeous Orewa well worth the visit!


Cornwall is a classic. So many different spots around the park to choose from and they're all gorgeous!

I particularly love the area around the Pohutukawa Carpark which had incredible big trees with overground roots, stone steps, and tree-lined paths. You can't go wrong.