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Booked a shoot, or just thinking about it? Here are some useful things to know including how to prepare, what to bring and a few tips for the shoot itself.

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Prepare ahead

  • Get your dog/s practising sit and stay in the lead up to the photoshoot. They don't need to be experts, but a basic understanding would be awesome!

  • If you want to have your dog groomed before the shoot, time if according to whether you want them to look freshly groomed, or if you would prefer their fur to grow out a little first.


What to bring


    • Harnesses can't be edited out cleanly so I prefer your dog/s to be clipped onto a collar with a lead.​


    • This will be a tool to get your dog looking toward the camera.

    • I bring treats along too, but if your dog is on a special diet, let me know.

    • Toys can be great to get their focus, however, some dogs can get too fixated on them. Decide what you think your dog will best respond to.

  • DOG ACCESSORIES (optional)

  • BRUSH -for long haired doggos

  • SLOBBER WIPER - for slobbery doggos


What to wear for family sessions

First of all think about how dressed up you want to be. Some people dress up to the nines, while others are quite happy to wear activewear and gumboots! It totally depends what you prefer & what makes you feel comfortable.


  • Avoid small, busy patterns like pinstripes & polkadots, as well as big distracting logos etc.

  • Try to wear solid-coloured pieces of clothing to keep it simple.

  • For family sessions, try to wear colours that COMPLIMENT each other, but don't exactly MATCH each other.

  • Consider both the location colours and the colour of your dog/s as you don't want to blend into either of them. E.g if the photoshoot is at the forest, the background will be mostly dark greens. Wear something lighter, warmer or earthier to pop! Warm and earthy coloured clothes also work well for most locations (you're fine to wear darker coloured bottoms).


On the day

  • If your dog/s tend to get quite excited when going out I suggest arriving a little earlier to give them a chance to get some energy out and get used to the surroundings before we get into taking photos. However - don't let them get too exhausted otherwise they will lose focus too quickly when we get into doing photos.


  • You are welcome to keep your dog/s on-lead for the shoot if you are not confident in their recall. Just make sure that the lead is clipped onto a collar rather than a harness, that way I can edit out the lead easily and it will look natural. 


  • If it looks like it will rain on the day we can easily postpone to a finer day.

And have fun!

Don't hesitate to touch base at any time with any questions :-)

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