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A Dog Birthday Shoot!

I recently had the honour of photographing my first "cake smash" shoot! A cake smash is a photo shoot which captures the subject going all-in on a cake, making a mess, having a blast, and creating fab photos in the process! They have become a popular trend in celebrating the birthdays of human toddlers...and now it has become a super fun idea for dogs too (with a dog friendly cake of course!)

Anubis the basenji's pawrents posed the idea to me as a way to celebrate his first birthday, and I just couldn't wait! We did the photo shoot at Bethells Beach with Anubis' pawrents and two dog-siblings as the party guests. His mum made the most gorgeous dog-cake, and we just couldn't wait to see how Anubis reacted when he was given permission to get stuck in. We thought he would go crazy and make a mess, but it turns out he is a very polite eater and took his sweet time gently licking the icing...and then losing interest all together hahaha! So although it didn't turn out to be a cake "smash", it ended up being a cake "lick" shoot, and the photos still turned out adorably! Take a look at a few of them below.

I would LOVE to do another cake smash session soon, so if your dog has a birthday coming up, definitely consider it, and get in touch!


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Or feel free to email me with any questions or ideas you would like to discuss!

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