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Casey's Photoshoot

A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the sweetest Bichon an actual little teddy bear. Casey is in her golden years and is approaching the grand age of 13. It always makes me so happy, and it really moves me when I see such a little dog having the hugest impact on her human's hearts. Casey has a really beautiful bond with her lovely mumma, Amanda, and that was so evident while I was looking through my lens as they posed for family photos in front of me. Casey is such a loving, sass queen who is so content when she is in her mums arms. It is such a rewarding feeling being able to capture this connection for them to treasure forever.

I want to share a little snippet of what Amanda said in a caption accompanying the photos we captured of Casey on instagram - she said "People say she is "just a dog" or "she is only one of the dogs you will have throughout your life" but I truly mean it when I say I've never loved someone so much and I'm so grateful that I've had almost 13 years with her". This really struck a cord with me and I can relate so much with my pup Evie. I'm sure many people reading this can also share those sentiments. Dogs really do find a way into our hearts forever, and every dog manages to do that in their own way. I've chosen a little selection of photos from Casey's photoshoot to share below.

If you want to capture that bond with your dog then I would love to hear from you. I am really passionate about capturing families with their dogs, as well as special pet portraits. I also offer gift vouchers, which makes for such a special gift for any dog-owners you may know.

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