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Bonnie's Photo Shoot

Beautiful Bonnie. Her lovely owners wanted to go to a location which celebrated the beauty of nature in order to capture some portraits of Bonnie, as well as some family photos. Muriwai Beach was the perfect spot...and Bonnie seemed right at home amongst the sand and sea air. I love Muriwai for the variety of photo opportunities it offers. From green tree-shaded spots, to the sand hills, to the beach and waves.

It was like Bonnie knew I wanted to capture beautiful portraits of her. There were a couple of occasions when we were looking for nice photo spots, that she would race ahead and the somehow be positioned in the cutest spot looking back at us, as if to say "what about this here?". One of those instances was the photo below. She climbed up a little sand hill and sat waiting for us to catch up in the most adorable way. I just had to capture the moment.

I had an absolute blast, and can't wait to get out there to do more shoots now that the warmer weather is on it's way!! Check out a selection of some of the other images from Bonnie's shoots below.

And if you are wanting some photos like this of your own dog or family, be sure to get in touch! To check out my affordable session options starting at just $149 CLICK HERE. Or feel free to email me with any questions or ideas you would like to discuss!

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