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a pet photographer's purpose

Some people have a little giggle when I tell them I'm a professional pet photographer. Others think that I've taken my passion for dogs a little too far by focussing on what they think is such a limited service...however most don't realize the extent and purpose of my job.

So, what is my role as a pet photographer? Yes, the goal of many of my photo sessions is to capture adorable portraits of your four legged family members (because who doesn't want a beautiful image of their pet on their wall?!). But, I also do family shoots, romantic couple sessions, engagements, weddings, and long as pets are involved! I am a specialist in working with pets in any photography scenario. You know the saying “never work with kids or animals” right? Well I'm the crazy one who is happy to take on both at the same time! Over the years, I have gained valuable experience by working as a dog handler at Sharrow Boarding Kennels in Waitakere. Understanding and dealing with different temperaments is a strength of mine, so don't worry if you think that your dog isn't cut out to be a model – I know how to make it work! Being a pet photographer is a job which requires endless patience, treats, toys, and an interesting repertoire of weird noises and whistles! I know how to get those cute head-tilts!

The pet culture in New Zealand is growing substantially. Pets are now being referred to as “fur babies”. Some doggy daycares even give your dog a report card and school photo at the end of the year! Our pets are family members, so of course we want to involve them in our special occasions, and include them in the memory-making moments of our lives. Whether that be family portraits, engagement photos, pregnancy reveals, or walking down the aisle at your wedding. These are the moments we want captured to treasure forever.


So if you have been thinking of getting some professional portraits done involving your pet - I'm your photographer! Don't hesitate to get in touch and have a chat, I'd love to hear from you!

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