How do the photoshoots work?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Whether you a booking a session for pet portraits, family/couples photos, engagements or special occasions, you are probably interested in seeing how your photo session will work! Read on to find out what happens in the lead up to the session, the process on the day, and how you receive the photos and choose prints and art afterwards.


Contacting me:

I am very easy to reach and don't mind how you contact me to discuss booking a session. Whether you request a booking through my website, email me, or even flick me a message through Facebook or Instagram - I'll be sure to get back to you asap! You are also more than welcome to contact me with any questions you have.

Once you have decided which package option you would like to book, we will set a date and time. I am available any day of the week / weekend. My weekends tend to book up faster than weekdays, so you may have to book a little further in advance.

Customising your shoot:

My sessions are very flexible in terms of the type and style of shoot. We will discuss any ideas you have and whether there is anything specific you would like to capture or include in the session. You might want to have a theme, use props or accessories etc. But with all this in mind, it is also totally fine if you would prefer to keep it simple and wing it on the day!


The session can take place anywhere in Auckland - the choice is yours! It can be at a park, beach, forest, in your own home...or even on a boat for all I care! I have a bunch of locations up my sleeve, so if you're not sure I am more than happy to offer some suggestions!

Practice Sit & Stay with dogs:

The better your dog is at the "sit & stay" the smoother the shoot with go! In the days leading up to the session, do some practice with you dog and reward them with some nommy treats! However, don't stress if you think your dog won't behave on the day...I have plenty of patience and we will get beautiful photos one way or another haha!