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Bella's Story & Photoshoot

My mind is so often blown by how incredible dogs are. The amount of love they have to give, how trusting they are, the way they instinctively know how to live life to the fullest, their eagerness to learn and please, and their ability to provide such a valuable companionship to those who show them love. I mean...they're these little furry creatures who want nothing more than to befriend us giant, goofy humans. So weird hahaha!

All of this becomes even more astonishing when you meet a dog like Bella the Japanese spitz. As soon as I met her, I could tell just how naturally happy and sweet she is. And yet, as I chatted to her lovely mum, Alexandria, and learnt of Bella's start in life, I couldn't help but wonder how dogs find the willingness to love...even when love wasn't something they were able to experience in their puppy years.

Bella was born in a puppy mill, a hideous place where dogs aren't seen as pets, but rather a way to make money. Bella is very small for a japanese spitz, and has some issues such as a fairly obvious underbite. These were most likely due to inbreeding. At 6 months old, Alexandria was told that if she didn't adopt Bella, she would be put down due to her size. Obviously Alexandria didn't think twice about rescuing wee Bella.

Bella is now living her best life with the most loving dog mum. You would never guess that she had a rough start considering her happy demeanour. During the session she was the most content when in her mum's arms which certainly says something about their bond...and how sweet the photos turned out! Have a look below...

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