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Lulu's Photoshoot

Pugs just seem to have a natural to look ridiculously photogenic no matter what! That's why I was super excited when Lulu's mum organised to have a photoshoot with her at Muriwai beach! We were lucky with a super stunning evening at the beach, and Lulu absolutely loved having an explore and meeting a couple of doggo friends along the way. Also, it cracks me up that Lulu is looking directly into my camera in EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. She really knew how to work it hahaha!

I just love the photos from this shoot so had to share. Check them out below! And by the way - it is the PERFECT time of the year for sunset based photo sessions as the sun is setting reasonably early at the moment! So if you are interested in capturing some photos like these ones of Lulu & Lauren, then don't hesitate to get in touch! Info on booking at the bottom of this post.

Want some photographic art of your pet or family (or both)? To check out my affordable session options starting at just $149 CLICK HERE. ALL photo shoots include digital preview images for you to keep, which means that you don't have to pay anything extra just to be able to have the photos!

Or feel free to email me with any questions or ideas you would like to discuss!

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