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Shilo & Anne's Photoshoot

Adopting a Leonberger is no small they are no small dog!! However, Anne's long-lasting admiration of the breed led her to give in and finally adopt one of her own. And so Shilo entered her life. It seems it was meant to be, because Shilo, although still young and rambunctious, was absolutely smitten with Anne, and vice versa - these two have a special bond.

Anne was gifted this photo session from her daughter with the intent of getting some gorgeous photos to celebrate the bond between dog and owner, and to also get some lovely portraits of Shilo who is such a majestic girl.

It was a beautiful evening at Cornwall Park, and we managed to catch some gorgeous golden light which really gave the photos a magical, warm glow. Much like most shoots I do, Shilo was on a lead the whole time, which I've removed in post-processing. So if you've ever worried that your dog won't behave off lead like the dogs in the photos I take...don't worry! Most of the time they're actually safe and secure on a lead so that they don't run off or get distracted!

Here is a selection of some of my favourite photos from the shoot with Shilo & Anne...

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