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Tilly & Arya Photoshoot

Oh Tilly (bull terrier) and Arya (chihuahua x) ...these two are a dream to photograph. Not just because they are super photogenic, but because whenever I see them I get ALL the cuddles and it is the best! I've photographed them on multiple occasions now with the dog photo booth, and have watched little Arya grow up over the last few months from a teeny tiny puppy into a... teeny tiny dog haha! So I was super excited to photograph them in an amazing location such a Bethells Beach, especially with an immanent sunset.

These two were so excited to get their paws on the sand, and are real adventure dogs since they are lucky enough to have a dog walker as a mum (Nat from "I Love Dogs"). All dogs are always super energised when they first get to a location, so we let them get some energy out and have a run around. Somehow little Arya almost managed to keep up with her big sister's zoomies! Once it came time for the first lot of photo-taking, we had another problem on our hands. Tilly and Arya were desperate for cuddles and could barely hold a pose for 2 seconds without jumping on my lap and getting cozy! And whenever I was doing solo photos of one of them, the other would be on my lap hahaha! Check out these pics Nat took...

Ok, to be fair, this was one of the best "problems" I've ever encountered on a photoshoot. This is why I love my job! Not only do I get to create photos of your beloved furry family's also an excuse for me to hang out with dogs and get all the cuddles and slobbers!

Well the shoot ended up being a bunch of fun and the photos turned out beautifully. Towards the end we got a nice little subtle sunset which provided me with my favourite images of the shoot, taken on the gorgeous mirror-like wet sand. I always love having these guys in front of my camera because they manage to provide endless giggles along with some stunning supermodel moments. Check out some of the results of the shoot below!

Want some photographic art of your pet or family (or both)? To check out my affordable session options starting at just $149 CLICK HERE. ALL photo shoots include digital preview images for you to keep, which means that you don't have to pay anything extra just to be able to have the photos!

Or feel free to email me with any questions or ideas you would like to discuss!

You can also check out Tilly & Arya's mum, Nat, and her Auckland based dog walking business at - she is awesome!

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