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Whiz & Pebbles the pig photoshoot

One of the best parts of my job is how unpredictable it can be. One day I could be doing a family photo session at the beach, the next I might be doing dog portraits at a park...and then along comes a pig!

I was so chuffed when Melissa got in touch to do photos of Pebbles the pig and her dog-bro Whiz. I've always followed these guys on Instagram (@lifeofwhiz_pebblesthepig) and had photographed Whiz previously...but Pebbles was on my photography wish list!

These guys are lucky enough to live on an orchard which made for a beautiful setting. Photographing a pig was similar to a dog. Pebbles is very food driven as you would expect, and she even had a go at nibbling on my shoe laces haha! Her mum has trained her to sit, but Pebbles will only listen if she is in the mood, which was pretty entertaining to watch. She is a real sweetheart with bounds of personality and is happy to just follow you wherever you go, much the way a loyal dog would. The photo opportunities she gave me were stunning, especially with her beautiful flower wreath (until she found out it was tasty!) And don't get me started on Whiz. This dude is born to be a model...just look at that gorgeous staffy face, it is entirely irresistible!

Here is a little selection of some of the final photos from the shoot...

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