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Working with elderly pets

I recently wrote this article for a local newspaper, so thought I would share it on my blog too!

Jipsy is in her golden years and struggling with health issues. But that didn't stop her from posing like a pro!

Put yourself in my shoes for a second. You have been booked as a photographer to capture beautiful professional photos of a beloved pet rabbit. It is elderly and unwell, deaf and blind. Woah! That is both a massive challenge, as well as a big responsibility! You are tasked with creating photos that a family will hold dear forever. This was a scenario I found myself in not long ago. But I LOVE the challenge and cherish just how rewarding these photo shoots can be.

A large amount of the sessions I do are for elderly or unwell pets. There is nothing more valuable than capturing special moments and memories of your pet through photographic art, especially when they are in their golden years. I just love capturing the different aspects of their personality, their quirks, and cutest qualities, the things that their family loves most about them...and even the cheeky rascal aspects of their character that might drive their family crazy! These are all the memories we want to last forever.

Another photo session I recently did was for Jipsy (pictured above). She is an elderly girl, and although she is still the happiest wee thing, her health is declining due to old age. She is her mum's entire world and we had the best morning at the Auckland Botanic Gardens finding gorgeous photo opportunities and letting Jipsy have a fabulous time. The experience and memories of the photo session itself is almost as valuable as the resulting photos (which turned out beautifully).

I also offer the option of doing the session in your own home so that your beloved pet can be comfortable in their own environment. Whatever your pet requires to be happy and relaxed during a photo shoot, we'll make it happen.

I can't stress enough how special it is to have quality photos of your pets. They are our family after all. If you are wanting some photographic art of your own pets, don't hesitate to contact me for a chat. I am based in West Auckland, but travel all over Auckland as a specialist in on-location photography utilising natural light.

Check out the rest of my website for information on packages, galleries and FAQs. Or contact me directly to chat about a photo shoot for your pet:

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